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Monday, November 2, 2009

Green by Ted Dekker

I specifically chose this book because of the author’s assertion that Green begins the series and ends the series. I assumed that meant that I could read and understand it without knowing what was in the other books. Unfortunately this just isn’t the case. The cast of characters is confusing and the symbolism often seems contrived or unclear and the story was hard to follow. This was disappointing because, despite this, the writing is superb. The depictions of good and evil in physical form are beyond amazing. But because I was so confused I could never really connect with the characters.

I really wanted to like this book. I love fantasy novels with big apocalyptic themes and high drama. I like time travel and I watch the Space Channel so I have no problem with imaginative story lines and mythical creatures. I’ve played Myst and Riven so I even understand about linking books and writing into books to change history. All these things I understand and really like. What I don’t understand and didn’t like at all was Ted Dekker’s novel Green as the beginning and the end of the Circle Trilogy. As a beginning it was lacking in information and I wonder how satisfying it really was as an ending for those who’ve read the other books? So that’s the best I can do for a review, I can’t really tell you the story because I’m sure I would tell it wrong. This is one case where each reader will have to make their own decision about how good or bad the book is. Don’t rely just on reviews; read the book for yourself and decide.

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