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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kindle Review

My kind and generous sister got me a Kindle for Christmas. Because they were oversold in Canada it wasn’t available at Christmas time so I just received it a couple of weeks ago when she was in town for a visit.

So far I love almost everything about it. I like that it’s lighter than most paperbacks I read so carrying it around with me is easy. I also like that I don’t have to wait for a favourite author to be published in paperback before I can read a book (I tend not to buy hard cover books very often). It came with a cool cover that has a built in light. It’s easy to read and navigate. One feature I really like is that the Kindle store provides free samples of books so you can read several pages to see if it’s one you really want. You can make notes and highlight just like in a “real” book. And another bonus to the e-reading world is that you also see which sections other readers have highlighted.

Another feature I discovered that I haven’t tried yet is that you can download mp3 files and listen to music while you read! How cool is that?

There are only a couple of things that I’m not happy with at the moment. One is the battery life. It doesn’t seem to stay charged as long as the information says it will. And although there is a battery icon it doesn’t seem to move much so I’m getting critical battery failures without any warning. And it was a surprise to me (although I guess it shouldn’t have been )that the books are charged in US dollars. Which could be a problem when the dollar goes down again. However there is a good selection of free and .99 cent books so I don’t really like I will ever be without reading material.

All in all I’m really enjoying it and will just have to remember to charge it up more often. Thanks, Maureen, it is a great gift!


  1. Woohoo! welcome to the Krazy Kindle family!
    I love mine, though the letters on my keyboard have started to fade, its not such a big deal. im ay just get a skin that covers it (in black, im not fancy) or just leav eit cause i kinda like the graphite color. Enjoy the many books youll read! ive Read 85 since november and i have 95 yet to read with more on the way >.<

  2. At least the books won't be piling up on my bedside table any more, just in my kindle! Although I don't think I'll be able to keep up with you, 85 is a lot!