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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


To repurpose something means to adapt for use in a different format or product.

I rented a condo in Harrison Hot springs this past weekend and while we were picking up the key we noticed that the desk they were using was an old piano frame. I asked them about it and it turns out that the piano belonged to his mother, now deceased. Neither of them were musical but they wanted to keep the piano and I guess being practical people decided to hollow out the middle and the strings and create a desk out of the rest of it.

At the time it seemed charming to me but the more I think about it the more it upsets me. A piano is supposed to be used. Even old pianos properly tuned can produce beautiful music (stay with me, this will ultimately be a post about books). Even when not being used, a piano has the promise of beautiful music but once the musical part of the piano is removed there’s nothing left but an empty shell.

Books are meant to be read. Often people will use books as a decorating tool or horror of horrors a hiding place for valuables after they’ve created a hollow in the book. An unread book holds the promise of entertainment, information or both. A book that’s been read holds the promise that it can be re-read at any time and provide even more hours of enjoyment. So, if your books are gathering dust or propping doors open please consider reading them or giving them away to others to enjoy. Some things aren't meant to be repurposed.

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